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West Virginia Racing United is a trade association for the Charles Town HBPA, the Mountaineer HBPA, the West Virginia Thoroughbred Breeders Association, and the Jockeys' Guild.  The purpose of West Virginia Racing United is to promote the interests of live racing in West Virginia through education, adherence to standards for the humane treatment of animals, regulation, and advocacy at all levels.
According to a 2014 West Virginia University Bureau of Business and Economic Research study, the horse racing and breeding industries supports more than 5,348 jobs and contributes more than $252.6 million in total business volume to the Jefferson County and Hancock County economies.  The horse racing and breeding industries support not only owners, breeders, trainers, jockeys, exercise riders, grooms, farriers, veterinarians, and farmers, but also insurance, banking, hotels, motels, restaurants and feed and supply stores.
As you may know, the legislative intent and preamble to both racetrack video lottery and racetrack table games is to protect, preserve and enhance the racing and breeding industries.  This was also the premise for the local county referendum to expand gaming at racetracks because of increased competition from neighboring states.
The racing and breeding industries need stability to not only survive, but to thrive.  Many West Virginians moved here to participate in the racing and breeding industries and raise their families.  The racetrack video lottery and table games business model has worked to bring new West Virginians to the state, as well as retain existing residents, by providing a percentage of gaming revenues to the racing and breeding industries like many neighboring states, including Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Many have invested heavily in West Virginia to participate in these industries with the hope and anticipation of earning a return in future years.  Breeding and racing horses are multiple year investments that have a ripple effect on West Virginia’s economy.  Market forces from surrounding states are having an impact on West Virginia, and stability to the racing and breeding funds is paramount for these industries to make future investments in West Virginia.  Market forces are a challenge to seek new opportunities.